“My coach is everything” — Phil Jackson’s influence on the 1996 Chicago Bulls

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Excerpt from “How The GOAT Was Built: Six Life Lessons From the 1996 Chicago Bulls

Lesson #6: Find a coach who will help you be your best self

by Jack M Silverstein (@readjack)

In the summer of 1996, after winning his fourth championship, Michael Jordan came within 30 minutes of signing with the New York Knicks.

“New York was right downstairs,” Jordan told Spike Lee in “Best Seat In the House.” “The Bulls — all they had to do was mess up.”

The Knicks had an offer on the table for Jordan: one year, $25 million. “We told (Jordan’s team) they could have all our cap room,” Madison Square Garden President Dave Checketts said at the time.

Could Michael Jordan have joined the Knicks? According to the man himself, it almost happened in 1996. (Photo illustration by Patrick Ortega, found at ballislife.com)

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Bear Down and Get Some Runs, best-of: January 13, 2005

From 1991 through 1998, the Bulls won six championships, with Michael and Scottie playing on all six teams. During that time, they had two main cores of players who won at least two titles each. The first three-peat featured a core of Grant, Paxson, Cartwright, Armstrong, Scott Williams, Perdue, King, Hodges, and Levingston. The second three-peat featured a core of Rodman, Harper, Longley, Kukoc, Kerr, Wennington, Brown, Buechler, Caffey, and Simpkins. Watching the Bulls during the ’90s was a treat, and not just because they were a dominant title-winning team. As great as the championships were, and as much fun as it was to watch them play basketball, what really made the Bulls of the ’90s special was that we got to watch a group of players play together year after year. Continue reading “Bear Down and Get Some Runs, best-of: January 13, 2005”