The Wire, Season 4: The Tale of the Ring

"What's the real value? I ain't much for sentiment."
“What’s the real value? I ain’t much for sentiment.”

Among the many pleasures of Season 4 is the journey of Old Face Andre’s ring. Here then, just for chucks, is the story of that ring:

Marlo takes the ring from Andre

Omar robs the card game and takes the ring from Marlo

Officer Walker arrests Omar for Chris’ staged murder and takes the ring (start at 2:36)

The boys teach Officer Walker a lesson, and Michael uses it as an opportunity to take the ring (start at 3:49)

Marlo, Chris, and Snoop visit Michael in his new pad, where Marlo is shocked to see Mike with the ring hanging from a chain around his neck (start at 4:50)


4 Replies to “The Wire, Season 4: The Tale of the Ring”

  1. I’d known about the journey of the ring before. But the true consequence of it never dawned on me. It helps build up the myth of Michael. Marlo clearly believes he’s stolen it from Omar – not realising that there’s a stage of its journey that he didn’t know about.

    1. Hi tomdaylight — I just saw this.

      Yes! The ring definitely helps build Mike’s myth. Marlo of course could ask him additional questions and quickly realize Mike took it from a police, not Omar, but it definitely works for him in that moment.

      Everybody wants the ring…

    2. The best part of Season 4 is the story of the kids in the Baltimore Public School System. It is perhaps the most important fictional piece of television I have ever seen.

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