How The GOAT Was Built: 6 Life Lessons From the 1996 Chicago Bulls

GOAT cover (book by Jack Silverstein, design by Zachary Gibson, Bag Fry)

Way back in October, back when the Bulls’ record of 72 wins was safe, I began an essay about the 12 moves the Bulls made between June 1993 and October 1995 that turned an aged, bickering, 57-win champion into a flourishing, rejuvenated, 72-win juggernaut.

Seven months later, I have a 13,000-word e-book and have spent more time reading about and watching clips of the 1995-96 Bulls than any time other than 1995-96. I’ll save you the suspense: It’s been a sweet 7 months!

Thus I am very proud to release “How The GOAT Was Built: 6 Life Lessons From the 1996 Chicago Bulls.”

READ AND DOWNLOAD THE PDF VERSION: How the GOAT was built — by Jack M Silverstein

For an iBooks copy for your phone, email

More e-book options to come.

To read the six lessons without the prologue or epilogue, (but with lots and lots of video!), click the links below:

Lesson 1: If your head approves, follow your heart (even if that means leaving your perch atop the NBA to play minor league baseball)

Lesson 2: Don’t be afraid to push your limits — or to find peace and excellence within them

Lesson 3: Surround yourself with humble talent for a unified mission

Lesson 4: Think creatively about your shortcomings

Lesson 5: Don’t panic — that bad break today might be the luck you need tomorrow

Lesson 6: Find a coach who will help you be your best self


MAY 27: Check out my interview on WGN Radio’s “The Download” with Justin Kaufmann, discussing my book and the ’96 Bulls.

JUNE 13: Check out my interview on the Bawl! On Bulls podcast.

JUNE 16: Check out my interview with Evan Moore of DNA Info.

JUNE 19: Shoutout to Sgt. Tibs and GoWhereHipHop for the love!

JULY 12: Check out my interview with Vijay Vemu at BlogABull. Fun stuff!

JULY 15: This was so special: Laurence Holmes hit me up this week and invited me onto the Score, where I made my debut after a lifetime of listening. Check it out here!

JULY 30: I had a blast chopping it up on the D and Davis Show with Demonze Spruiel and Ken Davis. We talked about the book, the Bulls, Dennis Rodman, the Dennis Rodman zipper shoes, USA Basketball, and then Peanut Tillman. Enjoy!

AUGUST 8: I was on WLUW’s Morning Rush to talk about the book with “Weekend Gabe” Mendoza. This was a great interview and a good lesson for journalists: Gabe successfully opened the interview by CHALLENGING me and my work. Smart start. It caught me off guard and I think that led to an insightful discussion. Check it out!

JANUARY 10, 2017: I spoke with Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman on CLTV SportsFeed about my 2006 Bears series, and while on we discussed the GOAT book. It’s in the second clip.

Michael Jordan 1996 NBA Finals four fingers (photographer unknown)
Got four, and back for more.

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