The All-Bears Post-Ditka Team

The Bears have had some great players in the post-Ditka era. But who are the best?

This training camp and preseason unfolded with talk of Jay Cutler becoming the greatest quarterback in Bears history, Greg Olsen becoming a Pro Bowler, and Matt Forte apparently now (I am told) a top 10 fantasy pick. And so I started to wonder: who are the best Bears in the post-Ditka era? I then began some statistical research to see if I could put together such a team.

Thus, we here at and the blog are fired up to announce the unveiling of the All-Bears Post-Ditka Team, here during the first quarter of this 2009 football season. By position, with the date of announcement:

SUNDAY, September 13th-Offensive Line

September 15th-Defensive Line

September 17th-Full Back

September 19th-Tight End

September 21st-Kicker/Punter

September 24th-Return Man

SUNDAY, September 27th-Corner

September 30th-Wide Receiver

October 3rd-Safety

October 7th-Quarterback

SUNDAY, October 11th-Linebacker

October 15th-Running Back

October 19th-Coaching Staff

October 23rd-Full 53 man roster

With the undying help of the All-Bears Post-Ditka Selection Committee, we here at will be selecting players based on their performance between 1993 and 2008. (So Harbaugh, Neal Anderson, Waddle, Dent, Armstrong, Singletary, Butler, etc…those guys are on the fringe, as are Olsen and Forte on the other end.) Career-seasons will be taken into account, as will playoff appearances, fan favoritism, team records, lockerroom guys, and any other factors.

We are expecting a training camp of extraordinary competition, and we welcome your input, Bears fan or no. (Though please, non-Bears fans, identify yourselves.) Perhaps you think Raymont Harris has less value than Adrian Peterson due to the latter’s special teams prowess, or maybe you think Hester is the only return man we need, leaving Glyn Milburn and his post-Ditka team-leading 5566 combined return yards watching from home. And maybe you are certain that a third tight end is extraneous so to hell with Ryan Wetnight, or that Paul Edinger’s ability to knock in a 50 yarder trumps the accuracy of Robbie Freakin’ Gould.

Putting this team together won’t be easy. But then, nothing worthwhile ever is.

Go Bears.


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19 Replies to “The All-Bears Post-Ditka Team”

  1. Not being qualified to select Bears greats after the George Halas era, I’m looking forward to reading what the All-Bears Post-Ditka Selection Committee has to say about the greatest players from 1993-2008. By the way, does the committee have a favorite food such as a Madden five-legged turkey?

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