3 Quick Minutes, with… rapper Jason Gatz

3 Quick Minutes, with…

Jason Gatz

July 6, 2010, just after midnight

Driving north on Humbolt, passing Division

The album’s been a year in the works. It’s an EP. Little short joint. Titled it “The Indescribable Description.” Basically just embodies what I am. If you described me, I’d be indescribable, in the sense of my style and I guess even me as a person. I feel like I’m unique. Both musically and individually. It’s a reflection of that, giving people an eclectic feel I try to exude in my music.

This is my first solo effort that I’ve released, so you’re getting just Jason Gatz here. You’re getting that raw hip-hop, but on top of that you’re getting, you know, pop or club joints, and then on top of that you’re getting the rock and roll. What the hip-hop heads are gonna appreciate, and what they do appreciate from me, is I come from a hip-hop background. All of my lyrics, everything is solid. It’s not like I’m just on there skittin’ and spittin’ and shit. You can expect solid lyrics from me throughout the whole album.

I’ve done solo work before, so it’s really nothing new. It’s a little weird in the sense that everything’s on me. All the ideas are ideas that I came through with. With the exception of “So Focused.” “So Focused” made it onto the EP because I really wanted to have the Mechanic on there at some point. He was originally on “Lush,” but the verse that he did wasn’t complete, so I had to complete it. The Mechanic is my dude. He’s always going to be a part of anything I do musically, in some form or fashion.

And when you talk about yourself being indescribable, you got your first video out. How does that go toward describing or not describing you?

Well, the first video, featuring yourself, you look at it like, “Oh, another rap video. He’s rapping around the neighborhood. Okay cool.” But we decided to do a spin on it. If you took the cartoon characters out, it would be just an average, whack-ass video. But something as simple as these crazy characters takes it to another level. People that know me appreciate it because they know my mindset. I think crazy. I think outside of the box. It’s a good introduction to me.

Download The Indescribable Description EP for free!

Check out the video for “Whammy,” directed by Xack Gibson:

The Indescribable Description EP


1. Disgusting (produced by Jinx)

2. Whammy (produced by The Letter L)

3. So Focused, feat. Da Mechanic (produced by M.O.S.)

4. Paper Doll (produced by Jinx)

5. Lush (produced by Jinx)

6. Higher, feat. Whammy

Whammy is: ASHLEY GOOD (vocals) — J.T. (bass) — ROBBY SOLTYS (drums) — RYAN KARABAIC (guitar)


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