Good Tunes for Two Bucks, focus on… Jason Gatz’s Good Tunes for Two Bucks

“Whammy” by Jason Gatz

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Jason Gatz -- Whammy

WHY IT’S ON THE ALBUM: My first choice for a J. Gatz track was “Higher,” a rollicking rocker that Gatz recorded with his hip-hop punk band Whammy. When I go to a J. Gatz show, that’s the song that gets me (and the crowd) popping into frenzy. Gatz becomes a spring-legged showman, trading lines with fellow MC and colleague Ronnie Bass, head banging to the drums of Robby Soltys and J.T.’s bass, and stepping back as Ashley Good delivers her powerful vocals. A great track…

…but ultimately, this CD hinged on The Hits, and wanting to pile as many as possible onto the album. For those purposes, “Whammy,” with its easy flow, big production from The Letter L, and memorable chorus, is the way to go.

Jason Gatz coverage from Jack M Silverstein

People with Passion interview from February 23, 2009… EXCERPT:

I love hip-hop because it raised me. It made me who I am. It raised me almost as much as family members. On TV, or just motherfuckers on the block. That whole culture is part of me. Everything I do. When I talk. Even still how I dress. I love it. I love seeing people breaking. Busting a cipher out in the middle of the street. Cause it’s love. It got that bad rap or whatever, but you go to the roots of hip-hop and all of it, all it was about bringing people together. That’s what it was.

When I met my boy JNX, I was just going to this YMCA, and they were having a hip-hop collaborative. They would bring kids out of the community — teach ‘em how to write rhymes, teach ‘em how to DJ, teach ‘em how to break. This was when I was 15 or so. It’s a place on the Southside, 63rd and Kedzie. One of my boys was going there, he was getting paid to go there and go through these classes. And my boy Jace was one of the teachers there. I wasn’t getting paid or nothing. I just went there because I love hip-hop. I was just going to see what was going down. They were just bringing kids out of the community, and I don’t know if you’re familiar with 63rd and Kedzie. It’s a mostly Hispanic neighborhood, and it’s kind of rough. And to see all these kids learning hip-hop, and breaking and battling and stuff, and there was no beef. It was just love, and you could see they were enjoying themselves. And they were learning something, and felt like a part of something. At that moment, that’s when it really, really set in, that it was a big part of my life, and it was just love. I loved seeing it, and it made me feel good to be around it. That’s what the roots of hip-hop is. It’s love. That’s the simplest word I can bring it down to.


3 Quick Minutes interview from July 6, 2010… EXCERPT:

The album’s been a year in the works. It’s an EP. Little short joint. Titled it “The Indescribable Description.” Basically just embodies what I am. If you described me, I’d be indescribable, in the sense of my style and I guess even me as a person. I feel like I’m unique. Both musically and individually. It’s a reflection of that, giving people an eclectic feel I try to exude in my music.


* J. Gatz is also mentioned in Part II of “An Evening of Hip-Hop with Young General”

* You can download Gatz’s EP The Indescribable Description for free at Media Fire



“Fleetwood” by Great Divide


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